It’s an investment

Video production is an investment, not just a service or product.   When you pay for a training DVD or web marketing video, you expect a return on your investment – whether it is measured in cost savings or increased business.  For this reason, you want the most qualified and experienced video production company to help you with your investment.  That company is Eagle Video Productions Inc.  We have been serving small local businesses and large Fortune 500 clients with effective and award-winning videos for over 25 years.  We take great pleasure in maximizing your investment dollars and leveraging those dollars into an effective video. 


  It’s no accident

Excellence is never an accident.  It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.  We are customer-oriented. We take on every project with enthusiasm that is unstoppable and perseverance that is un-matched in our industry.  Before we write a script, scout a shoot location or unleash our HD camera crews, we do our homework.  That means we understand your expectations, study your business, know your target audience, recognize your intended message and distinguish your underlying messages.  Then we deliver on time and on budget  –  every time for the past 25 years.


Maximizing our client’s dollars

We craft each video for a maximum shelf life.  At the same time, we design client videos to be flexible so we can update video clips, graphics or narration to re-purpose your video. And before we begin the actual production, we are already discussing how your video will be distributed, used and viewed by your intended audiences.  Because fitting the right message to the right audience makes for an effective video.  And an effective video is what we all want. Sometimes we can actually help our clients find ways to recoup their investment with clever marketing and distribution.   


We don’t do weddings or legal depositions

If you ask Eagle Video Productions to submit a bid against others, you will notice that we may not always be the lowest bidder.  That’s because we don’t do weddings and we don’t do legal depositions.  We specialize in producing high quality, award-winning videos and DVDs that bring our clients a return on their investment.  We harness our 40 years of experience in the television industry to create the most effective videos for our clients.  We may not always be the cheapest, but we will be the best.  You get what you pay for.


Bottom Line

When it comes to investing in a customized video production, you should go with the best company  –
Eagle Video Productions Inc.

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