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A company video is a video whose purpose is to introduce a company or business in a positive way.  This may include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos.



Eagle Video Productions Raleigh NC

Reasons for Investing in a Company Video
–  introduces customers to your products & services
–  sends a credible message to your customers
–  elevates your corporate image above your competition
–  saves money on company training costs
–  best medium for a concise message company-wide



RBC Bank Canada - client of Eagle Video Productions Raleigh NC

External Types of Company Videos
–  product demos   –  promotional videos
–  client testimonials   –  new product launches
–  on-demand webcasting
–  investor relations  –  customer training
–  product demos – –  employee recruitment
–  fund-raising – –  recruitment


Schindler Escalator - Training video client of Eagle Video Productions Raleigh NC

Internal Types of Company Videos
–  employee training
–  computer screen instructions
–  new employee orientation
–  internal sales messaging
–  company safety videos
corporate event filming


Eagle Video Productions Raleigh NC

–  stream on your company Internet or Intranet website
–  email a link to potential customers
–  add link to your LinkedIn page
–  broadcast on YouTube or Vimeo
–  show looping DVD at trade shows
–  embed video in your PowerPoint presentations
–  mail to client on flash drive or DVD




The value that your customers gain from watching your company videos is invaluable

Consumers are watching product videos, and making purchase decisions based on information from these videos.   Company videos give potential clients more confidence in your products, services and company.   One in three consumers watch video on a product page all or most of the time when they encounter it.   41% of consumers are more likely to share product videos than other product content.

We are operating in an era when marketers are increasingly dependent on consumers to do the heavy lifting via recommendations and word of mouth. Companies want their customers to talk them up, share links on Facebook and say nice things on Twitter. If your company does not utilize product videos, you can start now.


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