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Marketing & Sales videos - are short 3-5 minute high impact overview videos with slick visuals and strong messages. The purpose of these videos is to entice, not overwhelm with detailed information. Usually sales assistance, support material or collateral accompany these type of videos. Marketing videos can be distributed by YouTube or streamed over your website. Marketing videos can be seen by your audience as a sales presentation at conferences, trade shows or special events. Video News Release or VNR is another effective way to get your message out to the masses, either by satellite or digital file distribution to the television stations --- in the form of a news story.



Eagle Video Productions Raleigh NC produced a marketing video for CMS
Training Video - is a cost effective way to train with a consistent message to many, anytime. Training videos can vary from 5 to 90 minutes in length.  We suggest a series of 30 minute modules in a case where is a lot of necessary training. Different languages can be incorporated into the training series, as can closed captioning. A training video works best when there is the opportunity to show or illustrate something. Sometimes humor can be used to spice up a dull presentation of information. Repetition of information, as in a live presentation is not necessary in a training video, since the user can also rewind the tape. Some training videos can be easily re-purposed for DVD training or presentation. 



UNC Hospital

Educational Video - is another cost effective way to educate your audience with a consistent message- anytime. Informational videos are used to educate employees, potential customers or the public. Identifying the shelf life of an educational video will help you determine an effective budget. A longer shelf life can justify a bigger budget, which can be amortized over several years. Educational videos can also be re-purposed for DVD or web clip. 



Murphy Brown

Documentary - is a long form use of video, usually presenting one main topic with one point of view. Documentaries can educate, convince, entertain, disgust, or thrill. Usually shot over several months or years, documentaries can either be made for TV broadcast or sold to the consumer or school education market. 




Streaming Video  - is a great way to re-purpose your trade show DVDs.  Streaming allows your customer to view your video almost immediately, without long time downloading.


Growing List of Eagle Video Production Services:

Streaming Web Clips
Marketing Videos
Training Programs
Customer Testimonials
Trade Show DVDs
YouTube Videos
Product Demos
Drone Aerials
Computer Training
TimeLapse Clips
DVD Authoring
Event Videos
Recruitment Programs
Public Relations Video
Embedded PowerPoint Videos
Company Communications
Shareholder Updates
Video Case Study
Success Story
Educational Videos
Fund-raising Programs
In Store Video (POS)
Video Press Release
Direct Mail Marketing
Video New Releases (VNR)

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