Production FAQs        

How do I choose a video production   company?

•  Do you like their demo reel?
•  Did they answer all your video questions?
•  Can they do it for a reasonable price?
•  Do they have the experience to tackle your project?
Do you trust the contact person?
Can they meet your deadline?
•  Do they understand your business?
Can they show you a comprehensive client list?
•  Will they provide client testimonials?

How do I choose a video production company?

Why produce a video in the first place?

Here are a few reasons:

Grow Your Audience
Communicate Your Brand Story
Engage Your Audience
Inspire Your Customers to Share and Take Action
Reach Your Audience
Increase Market Share
Transform Your Business
Increase Your Bottom Line
Educate Your Market
Share Your Products
Train Your Customers
Reveal Client testimonials

An effective training video can SAVE your company thousands in trainer costs and participant travel expenses.  At the same time an effective training video will present a consistent,  well thought-out and highly visual message.   By the way, it can be entertaining too!   Video chapters can help participants with non-linear learning.  Presentations can be in English or Spanish or French orů.whatever you need.  Video is a great tool when you need to repeat a presentation many times for many people in many places. 


A short exciting marketing video can educate and electrify your customers with your company products and services, increasing your sales.   We will go to your location and capture your products and services while highlighting all the features and benefits that you offer your customers.  We can loop your marketing DVD for trade shows and utilize the 99 channels of subtitling for different languages. Plus anything that we produce for DVD, we can make available as streaming video clips on your company website.   

Ideas to SAVE money for your company:
-  Training DVD
Recruitment program
Safety video
Corporate presentation
Instructional DVD
-  Employee Information

Ideas to MAKE money for your company:
-  Marketing Video
-  Product Demo
-  Looping Trade Show DVD
-  Video News Release (VNR)
-  Web Clips
-  Fund-raising video


Why should I choose Eagle Video?
Eagle Video Productions, Inc. offers more than 35 years of award-winning production expertise along with the dedication to learn your business. We will create the best most effective message, always on budget and always on deadline ---every time.
You will be working with video professionals who take extreme pride in their work. We put the "pro" in production. 
Read what our clients say about us -

How much does a video cost?
What if someone asked "How much does a house cost?" You might say "it depends on a lot of factors. I need a little more information. Do you have any blue prints for your dream home? Did the bank tell you how much house can you afford?" These questions are analogous to the process in budgeting for a custom video production.

A lot of variables must be identified and analyzed before a fair and proper video production budget can be created.  See below for a typical list of variables. Although we budget a video by line items, we can say estimate that a typical video can cost between $1500 to $5000 per finished minute, depending on those same line item costs. Shorter videos can cost more per minute than longer videos.

Video productions can be expensive, so you have to view them as long term investments.  Contracting for a $20,000 video with a shelf life of five years means you are budgeting $4000 a year for five years.  Now you can see a return on your investment.  An effective training DVD can save your company thousands of dollars a year in travel costs alone. In the meantime you have an effective training tool that has a carefully thought-out, clear, concise and consistent message.

What questions will Eagle Video ask us?

•  Who is your target audience?
•  What is your message?
•  What is the purpose of your video?
•  What visual and graphical elements do you want to show?
•  Where do we have to travel to get these elements?
•  How many minutes do you think the program should last?
•  What is the estimated shelf life of your video?
•  Who will be the subject matter expert on this video?
•  Who will be approving the scripts and offline edits?
•  What is your deadline? What is driving your deadline?
•  How much do you have budgeted to spend on your video?
•  Can we re-purpose video elements for other uses- like a company web-site?
•  When can we get started?

Here are just some of the line items in a typical video budget: 

•  Pre-production •  Scripting    •  Shooting Days  
•  Travel   
•  Camera Type •  Animation •  3D Graphics  
•  Professional Narration 
•  Actors    •  Set Design  •  Editing 
•  Props

•  Hard Drives   
•  Crew Size •  Shoot Location •  Distribution scope


How long does it take to make a video?

You can count on several months timeline from first meeting to completed master. Just like building a custom home, some projects can take shorter or longer. The client can minimize the process time by limiting the number of company people involved in the approval process, making sure there is a professional subject matter expert (SME) at each shooting location and budgeting enough pre-production planning time to adequately prepare for the project. 


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