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Bruce Wittman, executive producer for Eagle Video Productions, has a long musical history to his name.  His father played the violin and his mother played the piano.  When Bruce was nine he took up the saxophone with the local school band.  But he found his true love when he picked up a guitar at fourteen and wrote his first song several months later.  Since then he has written over a hundred songs.  Besides the guitar, he likes to play piano and harmonica.  He has also daubled in other musician instruments such as the recorder, mandolin and violin.

When Bruce went to NCSU, he majored in Speech Communications with a minor in music composition.   At a crucial moment in his life, Bruce decided on a career in television over a career in the music business.  Years later, Bruce has utilized his musical talents in his video projects.  

"Baxter's Kitchen"
Interactive CD-ROM for 1st Grade Nutrition Education
Client:  National Cancer Institute

Eagle Video Productions partnered with CEREDIGM on a prototype CD-ROM, Baxter's Kitchen, a whimsical world of interactive exploration.  The program's host and namesake is a "bear-like critter" who learns about good nutrition and helps teach it to his pals. It features original songs, sound effects, dozens of animated cartoons, digital video, an interactive storybook, a video recipe book and a Food Pyramid game.

Bruce created several musical pieces for this CD-ROM with Eric Johnson of Johnsound Productions. This included background music clips and sound effects.  For the refrigerator section of this interactive program he and Eric wrote a three verse song about good nutrition sung by the whimsical vegetable and fruit characters of Baxter's Kitchen. 
Click here to hear
"5 A Day" mp3
1 minute clip (715 Kb) 

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"5 A Day" rm
1 minute clip (686 Kb) 

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the mov animation clip.
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The Rule of Law - Teenage Educational Video
Client: North Carolina Bar Association

Eagle Video Productions produced a fourteen minute public relations tape designed to teach 7th graders about the US legal system and improve their understanding and respect for the legal profession. The video tells the story of a high school rock/funk band who solicits free advice from a local attorney and in return provide him a song and music video about lawyers and the rule 
of law.   This video is being distributed free to all high schools in the state by the NCBA accompanied by a teacherís guide and support materials. The video was scripted by Kelley McNeill.  Song lyrics by Bruce Wittman and Kelley McNeill.   Eric Johnson of Johnsound Productions produced the song.

Click below to listen to the 
music video song, "Rule of Law"
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rm file - click here  (658 Kb)



NC Center for Nursing - Teenage Recruitment Video
Eagle Video won the state bid to produce a nursing recruitment video geared for North Carolina middle school and high school students.  Bruce worked with the assistant director for the NC Center for Nursing, Dennis Sherrod, on the four day shoot.  Locations include Rex Hospital, Wake Medical Center, and a Montessori School.  The twelve minute video is being distributed to every high school in North Carolina. 

The video ends with a one and half minute photo-essay edited to an original song composed by Bruce Wittman and Eric Johnson of Johnsound Productions.   The song was also edited into a :30 second radio and video public service announcement. 

         Click here to view video clip                           Click here to view PSA
         Click here to hear the original song                  Click here to hear the radio PSA

Nursing Click here for larger image - Production crew at Rex Hospital in


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