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Visit Greater Raleigh, N.C., North Carolina's state capital area, for plenty of things to do and see--museums, history, the arts, sports, shopping, music, plus much more. Stay in a great hotel, have a delicious meal at one of our restaurants and treat yourself to one of the most dynamic (and affordable) destinations in the Southeast.

Video Production Glossary of Terms

View Glosary of Video Terms  (24 page PDF)


 Download this 24 page comprehensive compilation of video terms include a page of abbreviations that video professionals use every day.

This resource will be helpful for clients to understand all the video lingo embedded into a professional video script.

 View Glosary of Video Terms  (24 page PDF)

Eagle Video Productions Raleigh NC produced three breastfeeding videos for sale
View Preview Clips

View Preview Clips

 "Why to Breastfeeding" DVD series
an award-winning videos for educators - Buy it online!

Here are three great educational tools for childbirth educators and lactation consultants. These short videos are a warm, personal introduction to the wonderful joys of breastfeeding. 

Listen to world-renown breastfeeding expert and author Dr. Ruth Lawrence and new mothers agree on the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding!

This are another teaching tool funded and produced by Eagle Video Productions. 


Click here for 7 day  $1.99 rental

                     Amazon Video on Demand

Pro Bono Community Videos

See video clips of productions that Eagle Video donated to
these worthwhile community projects.

The Healing Place
Town of Garner
Ronald McDonald House of Durham
Camp NELU - the African Dream
Teens & Drinking PSA


Eagle Video Productions Raleigh NC edits with FCPX Final Cut Pro Websites

Final Cut Pro forum Community of the World (COW)

Apple Site for Final Cut Pro

Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Webpage

Bruce & Claudio at WCOM

WCOM Podcast with Claudio Niedworok

Radio Host Claudio Niedworok interviews Executive Producer Bruce Wittman of Eagle Video Productions Inc.   They talk about all things video, film, food and music.

 58 minutes long  (recorded July 6, 2010)

           Click Here to Listen

Pictor Technologies Pictor Technologies

Pictor Technologies is a business technology firm that uses web and software based solutions to help companies become stronger, faster, more intelligent, and more efficient. We have helped clients including politicians, restaurants, daycares, realty companies, film studios, law firms, and investment groups to realize their full online potential.

Media Communicators 
Association International - MCAI

MCA-I  is a global community of professionals devoted to the business and art of visual communication.
Bruce Wittman has been a national member since 1985.  Below is the link to the
Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Chapter of MCA-I.
Prashant Weddiing Videos Prashant Wedding Videos

Prashant Video offers full service wedding videography located in Raleigh, NC.   Since Eagle Video Productions does not shoot weddings, we can recommend Prashant Video to capture your special wedding moments.

Media College is a free educational and resource website for all forms of electronic media. Topics include video & television production, audio work, photography, graphics, web design and more.

WRAL-TV 5 Online

Bruce Wittman’s old alma mater (1975-1984) is now online. Great information, graphics and content. Webcams, weather sites and virtual photos of the TV station.


WRAL-TV archives - 1984

Mike Allen SKY 5 pilot ('82-85) and news photographer Bruce Wittman show autumn colors from the air. ('75-85)

Runtime:  1:21

Eagle Logo
20 Video Production Tips
written by Bruce Wittman of Eagle Video Productions

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