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"The Benefits of Breastfeeding"
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Eagle Video Productions 
Receives International Recognition
Educational video garners a prestigious finalist position from
Time Inc Health’s 2000 International 
Health & Medical Media Awards

Raleigh, NC (USA) – Executive Producer Bruce Wittman announced that Eagle Video Productions’ video "The Benefits of Breastfeeding" has been judged a FINALIST in the category of Health Education for Time Inc. Health’s 2000 International Health & Medical Media Awards.  This year’s entries have come from ten different countries.

"Being ranked as one of four top finalists means that "The Benefits of Breastfeeding" has been recognized as one of the finest health/medical productions in the world," says Derinda Earnhardt, associate producer of the competition.



         Freddie Award
             FREDDIE AWARD

On December 1, 2000  Eagle Video Productions was handed a very prestigious video award from the Carolina Chapter of the Media Communications Association - the Carolina Silver Reel. 

"The Benefits of Breastfeeding" received an AWARD of EXCELLENCE, garnering the highest marks from 90 video and multimedia entries.  An Award of Excellence recognizes the highest quality production and communication values in the industry.   Click here for photo.

              Award of Excellence           

Earlier this year, Eagle Video Productions received its second national video award for its newest educational video intended for expectant women. The 21 minute instructional video, entitled "The Benefits of Breastfeeding" received a Bronze Statuette from the 21st TELLY Awards in the Health & Medicine category. There were over 11,000 entries in this year’s competition from across the US. The Bronze statuette signifies a high standard of excellence in video production.     Telly Award

Early this year "The Benefits of Breastfeeding" received a Award of Distinction in the medical/education category from The Communicator Awards 1999 Video Competition.  The Communicator Awards is a national awards program that recognizes outstanding work in the communications field.  Entries are judged by industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talents exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.  The Award of Distinction is awarded for projects that exceed industry standards in production or communication skills. There were 3,275 entries from 49 countries and seven other countries for this year’s competition.

       Communicator Award

"The Benefits of Breastfeeding"
video not only received kudos from the video production community, it has received high accolades from the breastfeeding community as well. Dr. Carol Bryant, President of Best Start, Inc., Tampa, Fl and leading national consultant for state WIC programs said the video "is a valuable tool for promoting breastfeeding…with a perfect blend of scientific facts and personal enthusiasm about breastfeeding’s many benefits."

 Judy Torgus, Director of Publications with La Leche League International, who helped review the video script, was "proud that La Leche League International had a role in the development of this video."

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"The Benefits of Breastfeeding" video is designed for use in early childbirth classes taught by lactation consultants, WIC breastfeeding coordinators, childbirth instructors, nurse midwives, obstetricians, and doulas. An instruction sheet comes with each video. It is being distributed by Eagle Video Productions, Childbirth Graphics and other leading catalogs across North America.

Free 10 day previews are available, requiring either a purchase order number or credit card number on file. Volume discount pricing available on demand. English and Spanish.

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